what is IRC

Internet Relay Chat has been around for like, a long time. I won't bore you with all the details; that's what Wikipedia is for.

however, here at we use IRC a lot. we chat on it, we're eventually going to have bots with it, as well as inside jokes, and all sorts of fun stuff. the breadpunk club uses the InspIRCd server, which probably doesn't mean much, unless you're an admin, but there's the info.

connecting to IRC

to join on IRC, just run weechat or irssi from your ssh'd terminal.

you might also want to set up a magic tunnel so you can use IRC from your own computer.

here's a list of channels we have on

registering your nick

to prevent others from using your nickname, and to allow registering channels, setting your pronouns or other contact info, or receiving memos from other users, you will need to register your nickname. it's easy:

/msg NickServ REGISTER [password] [username]

you should use your breadpunk username here as this is your local e-mail address, which will be used to send you a confirmation code. The e-mail with your confirmation code will tell you how to confirm your registration.

later, to log in, you can use /msg NickServ IDENTIFY [password].

your personal info

when you are registered, anyone can type in /msg NickServ INFO [yourname] and get a little bit of info about who you are. we created a few custom commands so that you can set some more useful metadata about you:

all of this information is of course optional, though the use of PRONOUNS and ICE is encouraged. you can set all of this using the following command:

/msg NickServ SET PRONOUNS she/her

same goes for all of the other items mentioned above. then, with INFO, other users will see something along the lines of PRONOUNS: she/her. use /msg NickServ HELP and HELP SET to learn more about all of this.

auto-login on weechat

to automatically log-in to NickServ on weechat, you can set weechat to execute IDENTIFY on connect with:

/set irc.server.[servername].command "/msg NickServ IDENTIFY [password]"

this however poses the issue of storing your password unencrypted in your weechat configuration files. thankfully, weechat has a solution for this! First, set a passphrase that you will be required to type on each weechat startup:

/secure passphrase [password]

you can then set any kind of encrypted data using /secure set and use it anywhere using variables:

/secure set bread_password hunter2
/set irc.server.breadpunk.command "/msg NickServ IDENTIFY \${}"