Man cannot live on bread alone.
— Jesus of Nazareth

They say bread is life.
— Ronny Cammareri of Brooklyn

Bread was invented tens of thousands of years ago, probably by someone drunk because they had the munchies. It's been made continuously since then by people of varying degrees of sobriety and to varying degrees of success. For nearly its entire history, bread has been made using stale dough from earlier bread, or from a fresh-made pool of fermented wheat and water. It took time, but it was good, and we had time.

Of course, the Market came along, and with it hunger: the hunger of the working-class, who did not have time to sit and wait for bread. We invented instant yeast in a lab, we invented styrofoam bread with no taste but fast turnaround, and we called it good. But we knew not what we did — or at least, many of us didn't.

The alphabet, they say, was invented only once. Bread is invented every time, anew. It's life itself. And life is not for sale.

Breadpunk rejects the commoditization of life by market capitalism. Breadpunk is an attitude that something our ancestors made largely for free is not something we should be spending money on. Breadpunk is the idea that we have time again, that industrialism gives us time to bake bread.

Breadpunk is simple: MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN BREAD.