the bread tool

bread is a great tool to interact with some of the aspects of the town. here are the subcommands:


bread news lets you read the latest news. typed by itself, it'll show you the latest four news items. you can change the number of shown items by running bread news -n NUM. if there's a specific word or phrase you're looking for, you can search all the news with bread news -s QUERY.

if you're an admin, you can write an article using bread news -w. the article will show up on the web site in news.

later, it'd be nice if users could use bread news to write their own news that could be linked from the main news feed. eventually, we're going to generate gopher, gemini, and RSS pages from the news as well.


bread docs lets you read's documentation. it's kind of like a wiki, except the pages aren't automatically linked. typed by itself, it'll let you select a document to read (type q or CTRL-D to quit). you can search for a specific phrase by running bread docs -s QUERY. you can write a new document using bread docs -n (though if it has the same name as another document, it'll fail-- but you can still retrieve it from /tmp). to edit a document, run bread docs -e QUERY, and choose the one you'd like to edit.

docs are editable by every baker! so be kind.