writing docs

using bread

you can use the bread tool to write a new document. just run bread docs -n. if you want to edit an existing document, run bread docs -e QUERY. that'll search the docs for the text and let you choose which one to edit.

whichever you do, you'll edit the doc in your $EDITOR.

authoring tips

these documents use markdown, specifically discount, specifically, this command: $(echo "$DISCOUNT"). you can read the documentation for discount to see how those change your authoring process.

instead of YAML or Pandoc-style frontmatter, breadpunk.club uses a custom style where the first paragraph of the file is a metadata block with tab-delimited keys and values. for example, the top of this file looks like this:

title	writing docs

these documents use markdown, specifically

other than that, it's pretty self-explanatory. if you want to link to other docs, use a markdown link: [title](/docs/<doc-name>).