join is open to anyone. it's suggested that you look at our manifesto and make sure it's something you're interested in, as well as our code of conduct to make sure you agree with our terms.

to become a baker, just send email to pius -at- piusbird -dot- space with your ssh key (attached, please!), desired username (must be bread-oriented), realname (can be your "normal" username), and what shell you’d like to use.

we’ll see you around the bakery!

old accounts

Accounts from prior to the reboot are archived and can be restored. Just sign a text file containing your old username a newline, and the phrase "Birds bake it best". with one of the ssh keys attached to your old account and email it to the address above. Don't forget the sig file! Instructions on signing files with your ssh key are here

available shells

As of 2023-10-06, the following shells are installed: