Birds Bake it Best

2023-10-06 is back under new ownership, with the concent and cooperation of breadw. Pius "Why are my feathers covered in flour" Bird has taken on breadpunk's management and upkeep.

See the /join page for info on how to join or rejoin. Backups were made and accounts can be brought back!

now with zola


we've updated the website to use the zola static site generator. the zola command is also available for baker use on, if you want to use it to generate your breadpage.

if you want to contribute to the documentation in docs, or if you find issues with the site, feel free to open an issue or PR at the site's tildegit.

new changes are coming soon, too!

Since has grown a lot since its founding last year, I've created a new /donate page. Breadpunk is, and will always be, 100% free to use, but we're a cooperative bunch here. 100% of donations will fund the operations and hosting costs of Thanks! just welcomed its FORTIETH baker tonight! We've had a bit of an uptick in new registrations, and there's a bunch of great content they've put together. I'm just happy that this dumb website, started out of a joke on IRC, is such a fun place for so many people.

Anyway, happy baking everyone! See you around!

We successfully did the first upgrade of, to Ubuntu 20.04.1, with a little bit of downtime.

Please report any broken stuff to either me (~lucitoast) or ~breadw!

Thanks to a new gemini server, we have set up user capsules for everyone on So if you point your favorite gemini client at gemini://, for instance, you'll see individual user pages. You can also see a listing at gemini://

What is Gemini?

Gemini is a new texty protocol that sits somewhere between gopher and http. Check it out at, or of course gemini://

For bakers

You should have a user directory under /var/gemini/bakers/. Feel free to drop your *.gmi files directly under there, or symlink your directory to your $HOME. The server does have CGI capabbilities, but the admins haven't set any of that up yet. If you'd like to take a crack at some dynamic Gemini content, please contact one of them (man 7 admins).

Join us in Nomic!


We've been baking up a storm here at, and one of the things we've been working on is a game of nomic. It's a game where the rules can change any time, and in fact that's the point! Check out ~lucitoast's page on nomic for more information. When you're ready to join (if you're a baker already, that is), make a pull request on the tildegit repo adding your name in the players folder.

We also discuss the game on our NNTP server (oh, right, did you know we have an NNTP server? It's pretty cool) at bread.nomic.

According to the first round of rules, a game can't start til there are 5 players, so come join us!

We're baking!


Breadpunk is officially live! We don't have a ton of services yet, but if you join us you can come say hi on IRC, build your own web page, gopher hole, gemini constellation, or email other bakers.

We're going to be adding other stuff soon, so come on by!