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drop biscuits

			drop biscuits biscuits
			on a plate with strawberry jam
I made drop biscuits. I followed this recipe. they were delicious and super easy!

sourdough attempt 5

I have been making sourdough now for a little while, and this is my fifth attempt. I think. Something like fifth. It didn't rise like how I wanted, and the taste was very bland. Of course, I forgot the salt! It was terrible. So I made another batch the very next day. I think it's coming out better.

I used this recipe, I'm pretty sure. either that one or this one.

a levain
first I built my levain. it's a fancy word for a starter culture.
after about four hours, I mixed my flour and most of my water together for an autolyse.
dough mix
after another hour, I mixed the autolyse and levain together. this is where I forgot the salt!!!
risen dough
			in a blue bowl
this is the dough after it rose a bit.
two loaves
			ready for putting in the basket
I rolled it out into two loaves, then let it rest for twenty minutes on the table. then, I put the dough in one of my two bannetons, which is a fancy word for bread basket thing.
I just have one ~ fancy ~ basket, that I got from a class I took last year.
a sieve
			covered with a towel and dusted with rice flour
you can also use a sieve with a towel in it. I like this one. Make sure to put a lot of flour in the towel so it doesn't stick! I use rice flour since its total lack of gluten guarantees no stickiness.
here are my little babies, all ready for the fridge!
a bagged
			loaf in the fridge
and here they are in the fridge. notice I put a plastic bag around them so they won't dry out.
round loaf
			on parchment paper
after letting them rise overnight, I preheated the oven to 500F. then I got out my pizza peel and put parchment paper on it. I inverted the first loaf and put it on the peel. then, I slid it into the oven where I had a pizza stone waiting. I baked at 475F for twenty minutes, then 450 for another twenty.
a loaf of
			bread a torn dough
my first loaf finished. it looks pretty good, but it is very bland. I also forgot to cut a vent in it, which is why the top is all bloof.
a burnt loaf a loaf cut
this is the loaf from the banneton. it stuck pretty bad. this loaf did not turn out as well.
here is the not-as-good loaf cut into. see how tight the crumb is? I think that's because I didn't use bread flour (I only have AP). I gave the other loaf to a friend.

pasta experiment: 2020-04-12

My wife was watching a documentary about this pasta maker guy and it made me really want some pasta. However, dried stuff wasn't going to cut it, so I thought "How hard can it be?" and looked up a recipe. The one I used was pretty simple:

2 cupsflour
1/2 tsalt
1 cupwater

I used a whole wheat pastry flour, since that was the closest thing I had to semolina, the famous pasta flour. First, I made a mound of the flour and salt on the table and mixed them together:

a mound of flour

Then, I added the water to a little well I made in the dough and mixed it around.

flour and water on
			the table
It was pretty messy because I didn't make a good well and the water went all over the table, but I just kept working at it.
the beginning of a
			dough forming on the table

At some point, I realized that a little olive oil would make the dough softer and better, so even though it wasn't in the recipe I added it.

dough with olive oil

I kneaded the dough for maybe ten minutes. after all that, it looked nice and round and smooth:

a kneaded ball of

Then, I divided the dough in half and rolled out half the dough at a time as flat as I could. I used a knife to cut the dough into long strips, like linguini kind of. (I'm not winning any pasta awards with this!)

dough cut into
			long strips

During all this process, I had water coming to a boil in a big pot. I threw the pasta in to the water a batch at a time for three minutes. It came out like this:

a finished bowl
			of pasta with no sauce

It was pretty good! I put some basic jarred tomato sauce on it and ate it up with my wife. Definitely want to try this again sometime! Maybe next time I'll use our pasta roller that we have!

my first bread recipe

the first recipe I ever really used for bread was this one:

a bread recipe
it's a good beginner recipe.