Hooray for BREAD!

Bread diversity inspires me to bake. Latest bread I've become acquainted with is injera, an Ethiopian fermented flatbread made from a grain called teff.

My favorite bread to bake incorporates grain used in the beer brewing process, called spent grain bread or treberbrot. The flavor of the bread changes depending on the beer that was brewed!

I've tried sourdough but the loaves were lacking in height and flavor despite many trials. My starter, named Mason, lived vigorously in its jar for 6 months. RIP Mason. More recently, I had been investigating the addition of lactic acid powder to the dough to boost the sour flavor after noticing it as an ingredient in commercial bread. Seems like a fine idea. But for now I support my local bakery by buying their delicious sourdough.

Though kneading by hand is admirable, I admittedly prefer to use my bread machine's dough cycle complete with temperature controlled rising chamber, then shape and bake in my normal oven.

Bread interests at present include scaling down recipes to use about two cups of flour because fresh is best. 💗