overnight no-knead bread loaf

here's my everyday bread loaf. I tend to bake by weight rather than volume, but you do you. if baking by weight you'll need a kitchen scale -- don't bother with anything fancy unless you just want to. I highly recommend a Danish dough whisk if you make bread often. regular whisks are a pain in the ass for dough.



mix the dry ingredients, then pour in the warm water and mix until you get a sticky dough with no dry patches. cover and place in a warm spot overnight (8-12 hours). at about an hour and fifteen minutes before you want to bake, uncover the bowl and turn the dough over in on itself a few times, then re-cover and leave it alone.

heat the oven to 450F (230C). put the dough in a loaf pan, slash the top, and brush with olive oil or melted butter.

bake for 40-45 minutes, until golden brown on top. let rest in the loaf pan 10 minutes, then dump out on a cooling rack.


I highly recommend using parchment paper in your loaf pan to keep the loaf from sticking, or at least heavily grease the sides. it's a pain in the ass to get out otherwise.