BREADPUNK : Lord Vloaf

Who ?

Lord Vloaf, usually Lord Vlad is just some guy on the internet. For now.


I can write in an acceptable English and an exquisite French, but not everything will be translated. Actually most things will stay in the language they were originally written in.

This part of the site is in english. The content may differ from the French part.

Je peux écrire autant en français qu'en anglais, mais très peu de choses seront traduites. La plupart du contenu restera dans le langage dans lequel il a été écrit.

Cette partie du site est en français. Le contenu est différent de la partie anglaise.


I have plans for theses pages... Well, first make more... and get my distinctive style going. As seen above a French and an English part. I want to have some images in, as well as some audio recordings of my texts, if I ever actually make some.