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Cooking Simulator Bread

I am bad at cooking.[citation needed] I discovered Cooking Simulator recently, a game available on Steam that lets you play as a chef bringing a bad restaurant to 5-star fame with the help of Gordon Ramsay in the tutorial. I had seen its incredible physics engine that basically lets you destroy the kitchen completely, as well as all the cursed food items you can make, and I noticed that bread existed and could be both bought and baked. Since I saw other bakers on breadpunk posting recipes, I thought I could just be more original and start writing things about baking bread, but on Cooking Simulator.

Use caution when proceeding through these pages as most of them hold a lot of images. Highly compressed, but still…

Acquiring Bread

Cool thumbnail Section
Bread on a square plate in the Cooking Simulator classic kitchen Buying bread in the classic kitchen
Bread on a square plate in the Cooking Simulator modern kitchen Buying bread in the modern kitchen
Round bread on a display plate in the Cooking Simulator confectionery Baking bread in the confectionery (requires the Cakes & Cookies DLC)

Using Bread



Coming soon: a Cooking Simulator recipe generator!