lucidiot's cybrecluster

Pandemic Chernobyl variant

When an outbreak occurs, if one of the neighboring cities already have 3 cubes of the same color, no extra cube is added and no extra outbreak occurs (no chain reaction).

The name is inspired by the French governement’s attempts to reassure the population when the radioactive particles were spreading through Europe, by saying the radioactive cloud was stopping right at the french border while it was in fact completely covering the country.

We made this variant after spending a whole evening struggling since chain reactions were making us lose instantly without much possibility of cancelling it.

We did not use it much in the end as we realized this mechanic was mostly driven by the card shuffling and not really by our strategy.

Slow mode

Another variant I just thought of while writing this page, but never tried:

This is basically a slow outbreak version, giving us a last chance to maybe stop or contain a chain reaction by moving quickly and removing cubes. Leaving a single turn (not a full round) before each outbreak means the chances of recovery are still low, but they exist.