lucidiot's cybrecluster

Pandemic Quarantine variant

This is a more complex variant than Chernobyl, but it still has the same goal; lower the risk of fatal chain reactions or control them.

This time, instead of changing the behavior of chain reactions themselves, barriers are introduced, materialized by a new type of object on the board (black circles, which I built myself out of cardboard), to block outbreaks.

This is inspired by the successive quarantine orders all around the world during the 2020 pandemic; those were all intended to basically pause the pandemic until we were more equipped, informed, and ready to fight it.
In this game, this means quarantining until vaccines are found.



I have built the circles out of cardboard and handwrote a small card summarizing the new rules so we can refer to it anytime during the game without needing a smartphone, which is pretty nice considering we like to play in unusual places such as during urbex. However, due to the real life quarantines and various availability issues, we did not yet find the time to properly test this variant.