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~~ 7 May 2022 ~~

I'm pretty excited about this tilde since I've dabbled a bit with a simple 'artisan bread' recipe in the past and now wish I had kept a better record of the results. This site shall serve as my baking blog as I re-ignite this hobby :)

What motivated me to bake bread in the first place?

Following any resort getaway trip, the breakfast buffet bread station is always a lingering highlight for me. Given a clean white cloth, a cutting board, and a bread knife, I get to saw through the thick crust of a long loaf and allocate my piece of freshly baked bread, ready for the toaster conveyor belt and impending butter and jam topping. I would usually carve out six slices or so per meal in addition to the other available food selection.

Back in Hong Kong's daily life, I could not recreate that experience through store-bought bread that is usually quite soft and sweet. So I thought, "Why not just bake it myself?".

I found out that I could bake bread using only flour, water, and salt with a quick online search. "That's pretty darn neat", I thought. And just like that, I was exposed to a whole new world of bakery goodness.