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4000-series integrated ciruit reference

This page is to be a compendium of technical details on various 4000-series integrated circuits, for quick reference.

4017 (Decade counter, individual outputs)

See the Texas Instruments CD4017B datasheet

The 4017 is a decade counter with 10 individual outputs.

   5 -|1    16|- V'DD
   1 -|2    15|- RESET
   0 -|3    14|- CLK
   2 -|4    13|- ~CE
   6 -|5    12|- CARRY
   7 -|6    11|- 9
   3 -|7    10|- 4
V'SS -|8     9|- 8

 V'SS: Ground
CARRY: Carry out
  ~CE: Clock inhibit
  CLK: Clock
RESET: Reset
 V'DD: Supply voltage

The device starts with all output pins low, other than output pin 0 (physical pin 3), which is high. If CE is low, each transition of CLOCK from low to high will bring the active output pin low and bring high the next output pin in the sequence.

The CARRY pin is high when the active output is 0/1/2/3/4, and is low when the active output is 5/6/7/8/9. This has the effect that CARRY will transition from low to high when the output rolls over from 9 to 0, and so can be chained to the CLOCK pin on a separate device.

Transitioning the RESET pin from low to high will bring the active output pin low and bring output pin 0 high.

Characteristic Min Max
Operating voltage 3V 18V
Characteristic @ 5V @ 10V @ 15V
Clock max. input frequency 2.5MHz 5MHz 5.5MHz
Clock min. pulse width 200ns 90ns 60ns
Clock max. transition duration* 15μs 15μs 15μs
Clock min. setup inhibit time 230ns 100ns 70ns
Reset min. pulse width 260ns 110ns 60ns
Reset min. removal time 400ns 280ns 150ns
*Note: There is no maximum clock transition duration if pin 14 is used for the clock input, as this pin has a Schmitt trigger input.