Bread Loaf

Like a captain’s log, but for bread and baking

Mon May 4, 2020

I’ve made a few more batches of bagels. Learned that my mixed cannot handle a double batch! Whoops.

I also murdered my sourdough starter. RIP.

Not wanting to miss the proverbial bandwagon, this morning I baked some banana bread.

A failure of integrity

Also, not wanting to miss an opportunity to over-complicate a bake I made the banana bread as a sort of upside-down cake.

I made a fairly boring vegan banana bread, but baked it on a bed of caramelized gooey bananas.

That part turned out really yummy! To keep the “caramel” vegan I improvised a bit:

2 bananas chopped into coins, tossed in ~ 2 tbl spoon’s of coconut oil and a generous amount of maple syrup. Not to toot my own horn, but the results were stellar…but everything stuck to the bottom of the dish, so, not wicked pretty.

Mon Apr 27, 2020

Made another batch of bagels. This one with sourdough!

If I may say so myself: “NAILED IT”

Absolutely gorgeous bagels

Sun Apr 26, 2020

I continue to tend to the sourdough. I’ve made pancakes a bunch, as well as baked another loaf of sandwich bread.

Good rise, baby!

This loaf was a partial sourdough — I used some of the starter as well as some instant yeast. I also let the soaker and sponge sit for much longer than I have before, probably about 8 hours, the results were a very airy, chewy loaf. All in all, a big old success. I liked that approach much more than the usual enriched doughs. I’m not a huge fan of adding much oil and or milk (usually oat milk, sometimes almond) to bread.

The loaf.

Bagels on deck next.

Mon Apr 20, 2020

Fed the starter, used the castings to make pancakes!

Sun Apr 19, 2020

I am excited to continue to play with baking the castings off from the starter. It is a fun little thing to experiment with.

…in other news, I keep using the word “castings” and it is mad gross. I gotta find a new word.

Had a hankering for bagels; made some bagels!

I used to make them a lot in college, but haven’t made them in a few years.


They turned out pretty solid! Next time I may make them a wee bit larger and try using only molasses in the bath – no added sugar.

Dough balls
Boiled and seasoned
My new bagel children

Sat Apr 18, 2020

Fri Apr 17, 2020

Sourdough starter, day 1